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Posted July 9, 2007 (user submitted)

The mall had a small outer shopping center that had an Erols Video store and I bought a movie that starred Joan Jett and Michael J. Fox. The only thing I have from it. I used to go to an Italian Restaurant called Guiseppies right square in the middle of the mall and it had some excellent food. There was a five and ten store that had a restaurant in the store. Above Value City Department Store was a Horn and Horn Smorgasbord Restaurant an unusual place to put a place. My aunt Nancy used to work at a bank there. I banged my head there because they had a kiosk that sold exercise equipment and never secured it correctly. Small bump formed where I landed.

The Rite Aid drug store had a doctor's office. There was an arcade there and I played there and was really nice. I almost went to the Army because there was an US Military Recruitment Center there and I was never let in. Waldenbooks was next to the where that old Gamerman's was. Back to Value City which is the only store that survived the demolition. Next to water fountain there was a stone that is 3 feet tall and had a dedication on it. Now its in the same area it was when the mall is at since the mall became a Shopping Center called Harundale Plaza. The Rouse Company owned the mall. It was built in the 50's and lasted till the mid to late 90's.

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