Jack Thomas' Commentary:

Posted July 2, 2003, Revised March 20th, 2005

Kings Mall opened in the 1975, and was originally called Mammoth Mall, because of th Mammoth Mart located in the mall. The Mammoth Mart chain was aquired by King's Department Stores in the 80's, and the store at "Mammoth" Mall was no exception. It was replaced by a King's, and the mall's name changed to Kings Mall. Kings soon closed the store in Kingston, and a small Service Merchandise or Consumers catalog store, along with a furniture store moved into the mall.

In the late 80's, the Service Merchandise closed, and well as the furniture store. Marshall's moved into the old Service Merchandise space, and the old furniture store split in half, with the left space occupying a lousy kids clothing store called Klub Kids. The other half remained vacant for a number of years. However, on the otherside of the mall, their wasn't much change at all. CVS was there from the beginning, and so was Weis Supermarkets. But, in 2000, that changed with the closing of Weis, and that space was divided up into two spaces, with one being the new home to a Homegoods store. If there's irony, it would be that Homegoods is owned by the same company as Marshalls, which is also in the plaza. The other space has been recently occupied by a Modell's Sporting Goods store. The other half of the old furniture store has now been filled as well, with a local party store.

Also, the mall has recently recieved a facelift, with a new facade, and windows at the entrances(like the place didn't have enough already:P). Kings Mall was popular in the first days of the "retail age" in Kingston, but, now, with the Hudson Valley Mall, hardly anyone goes there, except for CVS, and the new Modell's, and possibly, Marshalls and Homegoods, which haven't really breathed new life to the "mall".

Pete Blackbird's Commentary:

Not really a mall, but I was there, so I visited it... what the heck. It's a plaza that was built along time ago, and enclosed its walkway, probably to try and compete with the Hudson Valley Mall. It smells funny inside, and it's annoying to have to walk to a doorway to get to the parkinglot. Anyhow, the vacancy was at a minimum, and it's holding it's own.

Major tenants are as follows. Some grocery store I've never heard of, Marshalls, and CVS.

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