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Posted January 28, 2006 (user submitted)

Miracle City Mall isnt quite completely dead, but it is getting pretty close. I lived in Titusville for a while and now visit family there regularly. When I was going to high school there in the late 1980's, Miracle City Mall was a pretty viable mall, although small. It had 2 anchors (Belk Lindsey and JCPenney) and I think around 50 stores in total. There was an arcade there called 'Barrel of Fun' which was very popular among teenagers back then . . .the arcade entrance was shaped like a barrel. There was a record store, clothing stores, shoe stores, etc. Also, on the outside of the mall were several outlying buildings, one of which housed a Sadie's cafeteria (later Morrison's). I remember that me and my brother both got very ill after eating there in '87 or '88. Another outlying building housed a 2 screen movie theater, and a Radio Shack.

At night, the mall's parking lot was a popular hangout for young people and their custom cars and trucks (back in the late 80s/early 90s).

The mall is now a shadow of it's former self. I visited the mall last month, and Belk Lindsey (later Belk's) has left the mall, leaving only JCPenney's as the lone anchor. The maintenance in the mall has definitely slipped. There appear to be problems with the ceiling, which is very stained and mildewed. Only a few stores are left. . . . including Waldenbooks, a men's clothing store, among just a few others. There's an orange-julius-type stand called "Dave's" in the middle of the mall (which used to be an orange julius back in the day). The remarkable thing is that the same guy has been working at that orange julius (now Dave's) since I first lived in Titusville in 1987. And I've heard hes been there much longer than that too. Seems like a very nice guy and he's been there forever.

All of the outlying stores have been abandonded. Sadies cafeteria is an empty building. . . .and the other building which used to house the movie theater is empty as well. The mall seems empty and neglected. . . . but a good place to go if youre after some peace and quiet.

I believe the mall opened in the 1960s and was named Miracle City because Titusvile was growing so fast back then it was a 'Miracle City'. I always thought they could have picked a better name for it.

What is killing the mall? Wal-Mart probably had a lot to do with it. Wal Mart opened a Super Center in town in 1995, which is always packed. Also, I think that many Titusville area residents prefer to go to places like Orlando for serious shopping. Third, I think that when they opened a 7 screen movie theater in the city's other half-dead mall , Searstown, in 1989, that killed a lot of business at Miracle City Mall(and certainly from its theater).

I'm not sure what the future may hold for Miracle City, or its property. It has a good location right on US 1, with the Indian River right across the street, and a distant view of the space center. So far, the mall's death has been slow and painful.

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