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Aislinn G's Commentary:

Posted January 21, 2019

Hampshire Mall gets more dead by the day. The only thing continually attracting people is Target, which was a really smart thing to put as an anchor considering there are 5 colleges in the area and the other nearest Target is in Holyoke. This is a very accessible mall for everyone at the 5 colleges as it is right on the bus route B43. There is not too much parking for the main mall but then again most people who do go to this mall strictly go for Target anyway, which has ample parking.

JCPenney is still open, but there is hardly ever anyone there. When you walk inside the actual mall, there are a couple of holistic health supplement stores and massage places, as well as a Planet Fitness gym. Planet Fitness seems to attract a lot of people, but since UMass has an on-campus gym free to all students, it does not get the college student business that it probably could have gotten.

There are small arcades throughout the mall, a movie theater, a roller rink, an Escape The Room, and a brand new bowling alley. There are a couple places to eat, but no chain restaurants. Outside the mall (connected but not accessible through the mall) there is a pet store, and a Dick's Sporting Goods. Trader Joe's also has an outpost near the mall. The only other chain stores surviving in this mall besides Target are American Eagle, JoAnn Fabrics, and Bath and Body Works.

The mall remains clean and well maintained despite its lack of business, and there aren't any shady characters hiding around usually. It is a pleasant mall to visit but it is just rather small and usually empty. The mall tries to host events like craft fairs and entertainment days to attract customers, but it doesn't seem to work.

Mountain Farms Mall across the street seems to be doing well enough, with Walmart generating most of its business. The shopping center itself is prosperous due to the fact that many of the stores there are the only ones in the area for miles (Barnes and Noble, Old Navy, Whole Foods, etc). There is a Panera which attracts many college students, an EMS, Famous Footwear, Michael's, The Paper Store, and various other stores. Seems that this "mall" (really an outdoor shopping center) does more business than Hampshire Mall, which makes sense given that there are more stores.

Brian Florence's Commentary:

(Posted way back in March of 2001)

This is the mall that seems to be bringing in the bucks in Hadley, MA. It's also a notorious mall, built right next door to the Mountain Farms Mall consequently crushing it. The enclosed Mountain Farms Mall is about 50% converted into a Big Box strip mall plaza complete with Wal Mart. The only remaining business in the mall is the movie theatre, and I am skeptical if it is still operational.

The Hampshire Mall, however, boasts a more modern look. You can tell it was constructed in the late 70's and remodeled sometime in the 80's. The mall is clean and well kept. The food court is designed like a downtown for a more outdoor "downtown cafe" feeling.

This mall is anchored by K Mart, JC Penney, and hosts an expanded movie theatre.

Links - See what's going on today. New Target, new anchors. Doing well.
Blog article that discusses old Theatres, mentions the AMC that was in Hampshire

Bing Bird's Eye View:

Mountain Farms mall and Hampshire Mall from a satellite in space
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