Bonnie's Commentary:

Posted September 11, 2003 (user submitted)

Mountain Farms Mall has enjoyed a revival over the past two years, and is eating Hampshire Mall's lunch.

When Hampshire opened in 1978, the buzz was that it was doubtful that this community of mostly transient students could support two shopping centers...but Pyramid Corporation was a powerful enough force to get the project built. Mountain Farms lost tenant after tenant over the years and was nearly empty when the big box trend began to heat up.

Now, Mountain Farms has been reborn as a strip mall with renovated theatres, a Wal Mart, Barnes & Noble, Old Navy, and Linens & Things. The natural food store at the end of the property has held its own over the years, given the local earthy-crunchy demographic.

The plaza doesn't feel large and impersonal, perhaps due to the leisurely browsable B & N with its stylish cafe. The plaza has a semi rural location, with farms behind it.

Hampshire Mall, on the other hand, is struggling. The mix of tenants appears to be out of whack, but I believe that Target is slated to replace the departed KMart, which will challenge JCPenney. The theatre complex was rebuilt from the ground up within the past two years. Exclusive Video:

(From March 2001. See this and more on our YouTube channel at!)

Pete Blackbird's Commentary:

Posted in 2001

This is my first out of state dead mall that I've written up, and unfortunately I don't know much about it. I was lucky enough to be able to get inside to get some images for the site though. I know what killed this mall in, which lives in a rather rural setting, is it's next store neighbor, the Hampshire Mall.

When I find out more about MFM, I'll let ya know, until then enjoy the exclusive post-living inside pictures of this really seedy concrete floored mall. Too bad it's been hacked up to build a Wal-Mart and Old Navy. People of Hadley, MA, let me know what is up with this place.

(pictures taken March 24, 2001)

Mountain Farms screens go dark


(Courtesy The Daily Hampshire Gazette)

Monday, April 23, 2001 -- (HADLEY) - The AMC Mountain Farms 4 Theaters, which occupied its location in the Mountain Farms Mall on Route 9 for nearly three decades, has closed its doors, saying it can't compete with the new Cinemark theaters that opened last year.

Mall owner W.S. Development is interested in leasing the theater again, said Robert Frazier, the company's vice president of development. He said, however, there are no plans for renovations in the immediate future.

AMC corporate spokesman Rick King of Kansas City, Mo., said after the Cinemark Theater, with stadium seating and 12 wall-to-wall screens, opened across the street in the Hampshire Mall last year, the 1973 AMC theater became obsolete.

The replacement of small, older style theaters with stadium style mega-complexes is a national trend of recent years.


S.R. Weiner and W/S Development

Bing Bird's Eye View:

Mountain Farms mall and Hampshire Mall from a satellite in space
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